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If you can answer the question, "What do you do for a living?" with the answer, "I Bartend!"...this article is just for you.™, the website for the professional bartender launched on December 1, 2006. The site is designed to offer the professional bartender information that will help them be better prepared, better enjoy their profession and make more money.

IBartend™ is a searchable website that offers a tremendous array of information on the alcoholic beverage business including product knowledge, new product information, tips to making more money, an extensive drink recipe section with over 10,000 recipes, bartender and product knowledge training courses, quotes, thoughts and jokes for the professional bartender to keep ahead of the game and make more money. Registered members can also sign up for email delivery of a daily or weekly update on jokes, quotes, news, research opportunities, and IBartend poll results.

The site also features Bobby G's Blog, written by renowned mixologist, Bobby G, a regular web log designed to create a dialog within the bartending community to discuss trends within the industry. The blog is open to all visitors of IBartend™.

Las Vegas based Robert "Bobby G" Gleason has been a professional bartender for over 22 years and is recognized worldwide as a champion mixologist. He has been published in Penthouse, Sante, Market Watch, Cheers, Night Club and Bar magazine, and is a regular contributor to Las Vegas magazine and In addition, he has appeared on television on CNBC, E! Entertainment Television, and the Travel Channel.

Registered bartenders will also have the opportunity to participate in research projects on-line and in their local markets.

For an introductory 60 days IBartend™ is offering special incentives to sign up members that includes the chance to win $1000. Visit IBartend™ for your details and your chance to win.


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